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Who We Are

Robert Kurczynski

Medical Massage Therapist

  • Practice Owner 

  • Kurczynski Method

In 1995 Robert Kurczynski founded Barbizon Fit Palace and introduced a new concept of "health clubs" in Amsterdam where hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise therapy were combined to achieve a state of fitness focused on a more therapeutic level. A few years later and as a continuation of his work, he founded FysioAnders.

“With my history as a former bodybuilder, I was always interested in health and sports. That is also where my affinity with - and awareness and knowledge of - the human body originates.”

Tim Holdredge

Master in Physiotherapy

Kurczynski method

  • Kurczynski Method

  • Master in Physiotherapy (22 years of expertise). 

BIG nummer 49055620804

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