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Who We Are

Robert Kurczynski

Medical Massage Therapist

  • Practice Owner 

  • Kurczynski Method

In 1995 Robert Kurczynski founded Barbizon Fit Palace and introduced a new concept of "health clubs" in Amsterdam where hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise therapy were combined to achieve a state of fitness focused on a more therapeutic level. A few years later and as a continuation of his work, he founded FysioAnders.

“With my history as a former bodybuilder, I was always interested in health and sports. That is also where my affinity with - and awareness and knowledge of - the human body originates.”

George Stampoulis Doctor Chiropractor

FysioAnders welcomes a Doctor Chiropractor to our team, and would like to introduce to all our patients, George Stampoulis D.C. 

George as well as Robert, uses a specialized therapeutic method. Diagnosis and treatment based on a  'whole person approach'. This means that he identifies the underlying causes of disturbances and irregularities, and right after the treatment takes place, the patient experiences immediate results. 

For more than 25 years Robert treated successfully patients with all types of diseases, disorders and syndromes of the musculoskeletal and nervous system by using his method “Kurczynski method”, combined with chiropractic intervention. These treatments together, physiologically speaking becomes one treatment that accelerates the process of the body to heal itself and improve the body’s response to damage in the tissues. This way, the therapeutic intervention provides long-term results. 

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