Who We Are

Robert Kurczynski

Medical Massage Therapist

  • Practice Owner 

  • Kurczynski Method

In 1995 Robert Kurczynski founded Barbizon Fit Palace and introduced a new concept of "health clubs" in Amsterdam where hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise therapy were combined to achieve a state of fitness focused on a more therapeutic level. A few years later and as a continuation of his work, he founded FysioAnders.

“With my history as a former bodybuilder, I was always interested in health and sports. That is also where my affinity with - and awareness and knowledge of - the human body originates.”

Whitney Corning
Physiotherapist   |   Performance Therapist 

  • Kurczynski Method

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy – Rehabilitation Minor

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences – Psychology

  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Practitioner

Whitney is a passionate and empathetic physiotherapist. She studied Health Sciences at the University of Calgary in Canada (specializing in psychology and social determinants of health), and followed this degree with further studies in Amsterdam at the International European School of Physiotherapy.


“As a physical therapist, one of my foundational goals is to eliminate the pain and complaints that burden my clients. I target these problems with our intensive hands-on approach coupled with mobility routines and exercises, which are inspired by a combination of movement science and yoga. In addition, I take pride in learning about my clients in order to better understand who they are and how they function in their daily lives. In doing so, I gain valuable insight into the windows of opportunity that we can use to effectively target the underlying problem and prevent it from occurring again in the future.”


BIG number: 79929246504

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Brandon King 
Physiotherapist   |   Trainer 

  • Kurczynski Method

  • Functional strength trainer 

Brandon is an enthusiastic physiotherapist, born and raised in South Africa. He completed his studies at the International European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam. He has a keen interest in human movement patterns and how mechanical malfunctions and defects can distort optimal freedom of movement.


“After having been a top athlete myself who struggled with multiple injuries in the past, I know how frustrating that can be. That is why it’s my mission to help people who experience similar problems and help them to overcome their injuries and regain their strength.  Not just by treating their symptoms but by looking at the whole individual.”

BIG number: 19925628904

Brandon King Physiotherapist