The origin of the Kurczynski method


 Robert Kurczynski started his career in 1992, in  the health club of the prestigious Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. He thus followed in the footsteps of his great example Johan Georg Mezger (1839 - 1909), a Dutch doctor and masseur who is considered the founder of physiotherapy in the Netherlands.


At a time when it was customary to put a refusing body part in a splint and prescribe rest, Mezger already promoted "healing gymnastics" to speed up recovery.  Just like Robert Kurczynski, only over a hundred years earlier. The immensely successful Mezger worked at the Royal Amstel Hotel and put his "healing thumbs" to work on – among others - the noble bodies of Prince Gustav of Sweden and Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) of Austria. Johann Mezger was known for his intense, frictional massage method that performed wonders for his wealthy and important patients who traveled from all over Europe to Amsterdam to be treated by this miracle worker.  

Although the approach of Mezger has always been the major inspiration for Robert Kurczynski, he has further developed and modernized Mezger's treatment – following studies in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy.

Kurczynski Method 

Our body can be regarded as a "Biomechanical machine" that works 24/7 to adapt to all the different stress factors around us. 

Robert Kurczynski has been working with the human body for over 28 years. He observed how the self-healing capacity of our "Biomachine" works. Later he developed a special way to accurately detect blockages and inflammation areas with his fingers. Using his experienced hands as a ‘scanning device’ he maneuvers them around the pain area and gathers information - given off by the body itself - that leads him directly to the pain source.

The intensity of the treatment to be performed depends on the condition of the patient's body. The pain that may occur during and after treatment is the result of the secretion of substances released by the body’s own healing mechanism. The effects of the treatment vary from each person but overall improvement can be noticeable within 3-5 days,

With this specialized technique we are able to treat-

        Kurczynski Method

Muscle Damage

Nerve Blockages




A good night's sleep is essential

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